Hekate’s Daughter

My first novel, the thriller ‘Hekate’s Daughter’, is ready for release on June 1st 2024! Launch events will be in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on June 1st, and in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on June 3rd. To reserve your free spot, click here for Edmonton and here for Calgary.

Knowing what people think feels more like a curse than a blessing to Kathy van der Laan. After all, how do you deal with discovering your employer is a pervert, your father’s replaying scenes from the car accident that killed your mother, and suspecting the guy ahead of you in the department store to be the reason for the latest amber alert?

Unable to explain the source of her knowledge, Kathy reduces her interactions, sends anonymous tips to police and tries not to remind her father about a loss they both can’t get past. Then she receives an offer from the Syndicate, a shadowy organization which purports to shape policy within the EU, and where she discovers her mother worked till her death.

To find out more about her mother, can she risk joining a group that seems to know too much about her dangerous gift?

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