Launch of ‘Hekate’s Daughter’ on June 1 in Edmonton

In December 2019, an idea for a novel sprouted in my brain. I hadn’t planned on writing another novel – I’d written one before, but it wasn’t publication-worthy, trust me.

Ideas kept coming up and I enjoyed just toying them around in my head. Then Covid came, and I home-schooled for 3,5 months, with little energy to do anything else. Towards the end of that period, I wanted to do something for my own education and entered several writing courses. Hesitantly, I signed up for NaNoWriMo 2020. In September, I started planning. In October, I wrote the first few chapters to see if I’d have enough stamina and ideas to go for it, and by the end of November, I’d written 55.000 words with most of the storyline ready.

More than a year (and multiple revisions, more courses, and feedback from critique partners and authors) later, I swallowed my fear and entered CanLitPit, a Twitter pitch contest. To my utter surprise and joy, three publishers requested my manuscript, and all three offered me a contract. I chose to go with Stonehouse Publishing, located in Edmonton where I lived at the time, and the journey with Netta Johnson, the publisher, has been fantastic!

On June 1, 2024, a dream will come true: my thriller ‘Hekate’s Daughter’ will be released. If you live in or near Edmonton or Calgary, come join us! Three awesome authors and me will read parts from our novel, we will sign your books, and celebrate together!

For free tickets to the Edmonton event, click here.

For free tickets to the Calgary event, click here.

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